24: Legacy – More Action, Less Believeable


When the former 24 series was at its best during season 5, the show deftly mixed the geopolitical storyline of negotiating a treaty with Russia with Jack Bauer’s identity being discovered and being forced to help stop a corrupt president. The actors brought intricate storylines to life with fantastic performances that culminated in one of the most shocking ends the series ever portrayed.

But all shows can overstay their welcome and tonight’s episode of 24: Legacy showed signs of that with more recycling of old plot devices.  Again, the episode made several wacky and unbelievable plot twists, even by 24 standards.

Overall, the second episode improved upon the first with much more plot and character development. It now appears all the subplots could weave together over the next few episodes.

The episode continued with another odd plot twist when Carter’s former Army Ranger squadmate, Ben Grimes, plans to sell a list of terrorist sleeper cells back to the terrorists. Despite his mental health issues, Grimes’s plans to sell the list asks viewers to believe that a former Army Ranger, who is supposed to live by a moral code, would violate that set of standards. Viewers won’t agree with that.

Another pitfall of the episode was asking viewers to care about the political machinations of Carter’s brother’s drug organization. It has no value to the main story and felt disconnected from the rest of the story.

Despite the continued recycling of plot devices, the main story and subplots took small but key stops forward and viewers got a little more character development.

The subplot of a student and teacher planning a terrorist attack at the local high school, which at first seemed ridiculous, showed signs of life tonight when it was revealed that the pair is one of the sleeper cells on the terrorist’s list. The subplot is silly at the moment, but it could be a useful part of the overall story later.

On a personal level, I was disgusted by one part of the teacher/student subplot – when the teacher killed the student. This particular scene felt unnecessary to the story and was deeply disturbing to watch.

Thankfully, we got a lot more character development from Carter tonight when he revealed part of his motives for trying to help Grimes and stop the terrorists stem from not keep Grimes off the mission to kill Bin Khalid. It felt authentic could help viewers establish a deeper connection to the new character.

Minutes later, however, we’re supposed to believe that Carter is SO MOTIVATED to stop Grimes from selling the list that he is willing break into a crowded police station and steal $4 million and violate his Army code of ethics. Not only was this twist silly but it has also been done one the show before. In season 8, the former boyfriend of a CTU analyst breaks into a police evidence locker to steal cash. The show managed to make it believable in season 8 but it certainly was not tonight.


Author: Ryan Grannan-Doll

Ryan Grannan-Doll is a former reporter with a passion for storytelling on television. He developed a TV obsession after becoming hooked on the first season of 24. Since then, he has watched many great television series including, Breaking Bad, NYPD BLUE, Better Call Saul, Burn Notice, Mad Men, The West Wing and others.

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