24: Legacy – Fresh Story, Same Problems


24: Legacy is off to a rough start.

The first hour of 24: Legacy was an admirable beginning of the 12-episode series reboot, but it recycled some old plot devices from the old series.

The episode’s final minutes could prove to be the start of an interesting story.

The format of the show is maintained with several storylines simultaneously developing, in the hope they will all somehow weave together in a dramatic finish.

The episode begins with former Army Ranger Eric Carter, who led a mission to kill a high-profile terrorist, being hunted down the by the terrorist’s thugs. After a gritty fight inside Carter’s home, Carter escapes with his wife. But, the show takes a risky turn when the pair flees to the protection of his older brother, who is a drug dealer. The plot twist was the latest in a series of what the old show required – increasingly high suspensions of disbelief.

Separately, outgoing Counter Terrorist Unit Director Rebecca Ingram, played by Miranda Otto enlists a CTU staffer to help Carter. The show takes another comical turn when Ingram incapacitates the new CTU Director in an effort to keep him from discovering her supporting Carter.

This twist may have been believable in the early years of the show and with a more developed character. It’s not credible when a brand new character does it during a series premiere of a reboot.

Not surprisingly, the show’s dialog is wooden, as was the old series’. However, writing smooth, snappy dialogue for an action show with difficult format and time constraints   is extremely difficult.

The show shined in a couple of aspects. Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter could prove to be a worthy replacement as the lead of the franchise, at least for this season.

Hawkins excelled in the episode’s action scenes with confidence and quick thinking.

Miranda Otto brings a calm, smooth demeanor to her role as an effective crisis leader. Her character could prove to be a good match as her husband, Senator John Donovan, runs for president. Donovan is played by Jimmy Smits.

At least for this episode, fans of the old 24 will probably enjoy the new series purely for its format and fast pace.  Viewers like myself, who are looking for an authentic reboot and nuanced story, should remain guardedly optimistic. The end of the episode lays the basis for what sounds like a fresh story that was not portrayed in the old series.


Author: Ryan Grannan-Doll

Ryan Grannan-Doll is a former reporter with a passion for storytelling on television. He developed a TV obsession after becoming hooked on the first season of 24. Since then, he has watched many great television series including, Breaking Bad, NYPD BLUE, Better Call Saul, Burn Notice, Mad Men, The West Wing and others.

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