Will 24: Legacy Succeed Without Jack Bauer?


Welcome to my 24: Legacy blog!

With a healthy dose of skepticism, I will be reviewing the new 24: Legacy series. 

In 2001, I was 18 years old and enjoying my first summer vacation after my freshman year of college. One night, I rented the first disc of season 1 of the original 24 series at my local Blockbuster Video location. I recall seeing the trailers for the show, whose first season had just wrapped, and thought it might be a fun show. 

I popped the DVD in my player and watched the first episode with eager anticipation. When the credits rolled, I sat in disbelief for a moment. I was floored! As a young, immature guy who had not yet developed an appreciation for storytelling on TV, I was hooked on the action and pace of the show. Thus began, in earnest, my love of television as a medium to tell fantastic and engaging shows that make a view reflect, react and discuss the story. Since then, I have become an avid watcher of many shows including The Sopranos, Girls, The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Burn Notice, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and others.

When I learned FOX was going to reboot 24 as a 12 episode series, I was nervous. I loved most of the original seasons that starred Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, but by season 8, the show was struggling to find original material. I enjoyed the final season and was happy the show ended. Ending a show on a high note leaves a viewer wanting more. More importantly, it leaves the viewer with a fond memory of the show’s impact on them. 

When FOX revived the original series with 24: Live Another Day, I was excited. I craved seeing Jack Bauer save the world from certain doom one more time. I was initially skeptical of another season, however, I enjoyed it.

Now, FOX is taking a big risk rebooting one of its best shows in recent history without Jack Bauer and with a fresh cast. As a longtime fan, I am happy. However, as a viewer, I am rather skeptical that the new series will only recycle stories from the old series, but with new characters. Any show that airs for more than several seasons risks of repetitive stories. 

Judging from reviews in other publications, I think the show could be a fun ride. 

Other 24: Legacy reviews: The Hollywood ReporterForbes, Alan Sepinwall, The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, RogerEbert.com, Yahoo


Author: Ryan Grannan-Doll

Ryan Grannan-Doll is a former reporter with a passion for storytelling on television. He developed a TV obsession after becoming hooked on the first season of 24. Since then, he has watched many great television series including, Breaking Bad, NYPD BLUE, Better Call Saul, Burn Notice, Mad Men, The West Wing and others.

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